Dummy – Improv Show (Jason Shotts, Colleen Doyle)

ImprovComedy.de präsentiert eine der besten Impro-Duo Formate weltweit für eine exklusive Show in Mannheim: Dummy!

Außerdem wird ein weiteres Team als Opener dabei sein!

Showsprache Dummy: englisch.

Dummy is Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts doing a two-person improvised show. Currently residing in Los Angeles, they started performing together at the iO Theater in Chicago in 2008.

Since then, Dummy has performed for audiences in London, Rome, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Austin, Houston, Washington DC, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, Traverse City and Gainesville.

Dummy proudly won the iO Chicago’s Del Award for “Best Non-Harold Improv Show” in 2013 and 2014.

“For years T.J. Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi have reigned as Chicago’s must-see two-person improv team. After catching a recent set from Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts at iO Theater, I think it’s safe to say there’s room on that improv pedestal for yet another pair of performers. ” – Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

„Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts, no strangers to the Chicago improv scene, continue to cook up subtle, spontaneous scenes to order in their new Tuesday-evening slot at iO…Both actors played two characters—a honeymooner as well as an innkeeper—and both had an excellent sense for navigating their constantly shifting roles. The performance was slow to start, but ended up being unexpectedly elegant; a plot emerged that was as tidily made as a hotel bed. The production managed to find laughs in minute details and dark discoveries.“ – Chicago Reader

„Do real-life couples have an advantage when it comes to improv?…the answer appears to be yes. If you like unfussy character-based work it was worth the wait to see Doyle and Shotts. Throughout, the simple chemistry and truthfulness of Doyle and Shotts carried the evening.“ – Chicago Tribune

„(Recommended) Doyle and Shotts invest their interactions with the excitement of discovery…it’s not hard to feel the love.“ – Chicago Reader

„In Dummy, Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts are the perfect complements to each other. They let their scenes build in a really rich way, and they are both really good at playing multiple characters at once…You should definitely go jump out of an airplane with these two. Or maybe just go check out their show.“-Gapers Block, Comedy Seen: Five Great Comedy Shows of 2012

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